• Curtain Cleaning

  • Our intensive experience in cleaning Curtains of various delicate fabrics has gifted us the quality of our results
    The Cleaning Process enters Five Phases:

    1. Spotting:
      Where necessary we carefully apply the right spotting chemicals for specific stains and leave it absorbing for a certain amount of time
    2. Dry Clean:
      We then Dry Clean them independently in the dry cleaning machine using special programs and at specific temperatures
    3. Drying:
      This process may take some time
    4. Steaming:
      Once cleaned and dried the Curtains will then be steamed 
    5. Quality:
      The final finish is then inspected one more time to ensure we have delivered our best efforts to your high satisfaction


    Don't forget that we take down and rehang curtains at no extra cost and at your convenience 





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